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Sun, Dec 6, 6:00 PM

2020 First Presidency Christmas Devotional

The First Presidency invites members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, their families, and friends to participate in the First Presidency’s Christmas devotional broadcast.


December 2020

Light the World

When Jesus Christ was born, angels proclaimed, “On earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14). This December, the promise remains the same. As we love and serve each day the way Jesus did, we can end 2020 on a hopeful note.

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Updated Sept 11, 2020

Church Provides Guidelines for Safely Increasing Activity During COVID-19.

Stake conferences (starting November 2020) and weekly worship (starting now) can resume in a variety of ways, as local circumstances allow.

Weekly Ward Sacrament Meetings and Youth Weeknight Activity Schedule starting after General Conference:

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Houston Texas Temple

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