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May and June temple visits now available

Houston Temple reopening: approval to progress to phase 2B

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Sat, Apr 24, 7PM & Sun, Apr 25, 10AM

Stake Conference - If you missed the Stake Conference

Below are the two links to the Saturday night session and Sunday general session of Stake Conference for those who would like to watch and hear the messages shared.

Saturday Apr 24 - Adult Session

Sunday Apr 25 - General Session

May 11th, 9am to 1pm, at the Stake Center

Community Blood Drive hosted by the Woodlands Stake's Just Serve organization

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Updated Spring 2021

Temple Recommend Interviews

The Stake Presidency will conduct in-person temple recommend interviews on the second Tuesday from 7-8pm and fourth Sunday from 5-6pm of each month at the Woodland Lakes building (Stake Center). The Stake Presidency members can also hold temple recommend interviews virtually throughout the month for those who are uncomfortable meeting in-person. To schedule a virtual interview, please email Marc Berry at marcberry@gmail.com.

Watch this talk by Elder Rasband.

Houston Texas Temple

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NA Southwest Area Plan

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Emergency & Hurricane Preparedness

Helpful Information related to Emergency & Hurricane Preparedness

Preparing to Serve a Mission

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