Houston Temple reopening: approval to progress to phase 2B

The Houston Temple will now allow wards and members to schedule a time at the Baptistry for small groups to participate in the blessings of the Temple.

Directions for scheduling an appointment:

Members will be able to schedule visits to the temple by signing in to their Church account at www.ChurchofJesusChrist.org, selecting “Serve”, then “Temples”, and then “Schedule an appointment”.

  • Please note that there is still a limit of 16 individuals who may enter the temple at one time
  • Members will be able to schedule appointments in May and June. There will be approximately 33 one-hour appointments available each week. More will be made available as these fill up
  • Each group will be asked to arrive as a group 20 minutes before their appointment. The temple doors will be unlocked at that time to allow them to enter, and locked afterwards. All coming to the temple will need to be healthy and free of Covid-19 symptoms, and will wear a mask at all times except when they are being baptized
  • The Temple Presidency has been specifically instructed that “the group does not exceed 16 total guests” and “Patrons will not be admitted into the temple without an appointment”